Thrive Leeds is built on our values of Including & Accepting, Empowering & Enabling, and Growing & Transforming. We see a community where young people:

  • belong, are accepted and growing in including others;
  • can contribute, make a difference and impact their locality;
  • are growing in confidence, resilience, and their ability to cope with challenges.

Our outlook is one of inclusiveness. We aim to welcome and provide a safe place for all our young people and families, including those with disabilities and additional needs. We want to include all people as equals and so enable their equal participation in all that we do, treating everyone as individuals with the respect they deserve. We will work within our capabilities to remove any barriers that may prevent them from doing this.

The Equality Act 2010 states that, as a service provider and employer, we must take reasonable steps to ensure that our policies, practices and procedures enable people with disabilities and additional needs to enjoy and participate in what we offer. As an organisation, Thrive Leeds fully endorses both the letter and the spirit of the Equality Act 2010, and we are committed to make all reasonable provisions and adjustments we can to help those with additional needs and disabilities enjoy the same things on an equal basis with everyone else.

Some examples of our good practice:

  • Visual timetables are used within our groups, so everyone has the opportunity to know what is happening.
  • Ear defenders and fidget toys are available during our sessions for those who find them helpful.
  • Step-free access, lifts and accessible toilets are available at all of our regular venues.

Scope Inclusive Activity Award

We are delighted to have been awarded the Scope Inclusive Activity Award. This means we follow best practice in every aspect of our work, and parents and carers can have confidence that we seek to make everyone feel welcomed and included in our groups.

Scope Inclusive Activity Award logo

What to Expect

Click the links below to show a timetable for a typical session at our groups.

What happens at Drop In?

What happens at Messy Church?

What happens at WOW?

What happens at Totally Tuesday?


Most of our groups are run either at the Methodist Centre in Chapel Allerton, or Stainbeck Church. Please get in touch with us if you want to attend a session and have accessibility requirements.

Chapel Allerton Methodist Centre:
There is no designated disabled car parking space, however on street parking is nearby. There is ramped access to the main front door. Disabled toilet facilities are available downstairs. A lift is available for access to the main hall upstairs.

Stainbeck Church
A disabled parking space is available in front of the church. There is ramped access to the main church front door. Disabled toilets are available both upstairs and downstairs. Access from the car park is at a lower level to the main church rooms. A lift is available for access upstairs.

Disabled parking space